Lora Songster and Matt Pink-ola Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Join Lora Songster and Matt Pink-ola all October long as they help raise Breast Cancer awareness all around the Triad! Including with our friends at Earlier.org!

Earlier.org has one mission: fund research leading to successful earlier detection of Breast Cancer. Learn more about how you can help them achieve their mission HERE and be sure to join Lora and Matt Pink-ola all month long as they share more tips and information on how you can play your part.

Matt Pink-ola lead the charge at 99.5 WMAG and rounded up a band of merry gentlemen eager to raise awareness for Earlier.org and Breast Cancer by dyeing their beards a nice shade of pink!

Get your Pink RIbbon Bagel from Panera Bread and help fund research through Earlier.org! Pre-order here

Most breast cancer is in the body five to eight years before it can be detected through current methods. Science and technology are coming together to create the venue for discovery of a new test that would detect breast cancer at its earliest stages, possibly before a tumor has even formed.

Help us get there. Earlier. Sooner. Now.