Panda is a 4.5-5 month old puppy that was surrendered to Doxie by Proxy. His has a big ole question mark on it before he arrived in rescue, but we do know that it was not the best situation. Panda's former life is behind him and he is ready for a forever family to love and be loved on. When Panda first arrived in rescue, he was so scared and timid. He would run away from anyone trying to pick him up and would scream when they touched him. Now, he knows what it's like to be loved. He lets his foster mom pick him up just fine now!

Panda loves to cuddle but it is important to note that he is 100% puppy. Panda has absolutely no body awareness and although it is cute, he can knock over a toddler in no time. Panda is still working on potty training but is making a lot of progress. He prefers to go outside but at his age, it is difficult for him to hold it in the house and know how to let his family know. He needs someone who is going to be patient with him during this process. Panda is crate trained and sleeps in the crate at night. When his foster mom says "Ok, Panda, let's go to bed" he runs and jumps right into his crate and waits for his treat. His foster mom is impressed and it makes Panda feel like a rockstar!

We are not sure how big Panda is going to be or what he is even mixed with. The lady that handed him over said his daddy was a dachshund and his mama was a chihuahua but we can't be certain and judging by his long legs, we question that. He is, however, cute as can be and quite the playful thing. Panda loves toys and other dogs (except when he has a toy or is eating). He will growl when other dogs come near his toys or bowl when he has them, but allows his foster mom to pick it up without any aggression. Will you be Panda's forever family and help him grow into the strong and confident dog we know he can be?

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