Reuben is a gorgeous, confident 5 year old, 12 pound kitty whose owner moved and left him to fend for himself. Fortunately, a kind neighbor took care of him and brought him into rescue so he looks healthy and happy. Reuben was already declawed so no worrying about your furniture and such. He is quite the sociable boy and very adaptable to new surroundings. He is brave and loves to explore. He was feeling right at home from day 1 at our rescue. Reuben is a very affectionate cat who loves to brush against you and have his cheeks rubbed. He is a pretty amazing guy since he was even tolerant of us giving him a good bath. His fur is wonderfully soft, silky and thick, luscious to pet. He really does love people and is perfectly happy to accept any nice new stranger as a new friend. He does not even mind being picked up if you need to carry him somewhere. Of course, though he adores attention and may play a little if he feels like it, he is a dignified sort of fellow and will tell you that enough is enough if you get too rough or silly with him. Naturally, he forgives you about a second later since he is such an easy going guy, but he probably would not enjoy active little kids messing with him in his new home. Reuben is a special cat and will be a great companion in his new home. Just make sure you have plenty of kitty trees and other things for him to jump on and explore. He is perfectly fine as an indoor cat (required in his new home), but does like to roam around the house finding neat places to hang out. No dogs in his new home, please. He thinks they are rather undignified and would rather not deal with those creatures. We have not tested him with other cats but he was an only cat in his prior home and does not feel the need for kitty companionship. 


(336) 393-0000

820 Gallimore Dairy Rd.

High Point, NC 27265

Lora Songster

Lora Songster

I came to the triad as a college student, and began my radio career on 99.5 WMAG. I have literally grown up on our airwaves and I love my job! You can listen live weekdays from 5:30am to 10am! Read more


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