Your kids will NEVER do any of these things you did as a kid!

I have to add to the list that your kids will never know the torture of using a rotary phone. Nor will they:

Call mom for a ride home from a pay phone or a friend’s kitchen phone.

• Rent a movie on vhs or dvd at your local video store. (Unless they live in Anchorage, Alaska. Home of the last Blockbuster).

• Stick a shiny copper penny in a bubble-gum machine.

• Write cursive. Penmanship is no longer emphasized in elementary schools. Why bother? Most kids are typing on their computers by third or fourth grade. Can your kids sign their signature? It's terrible, I know.

• Make a mix tape for your high school crush. PLUS, I found out this week that most kids don't know how to burn a cd! WHAT??

• Use an encyclopedia as a reference for your report. Google anyone?

• Type up a report on a typewriter.

• Drink water from a garden hose. Lead, BPA… the list of harmful chemicals in these hoses goes on and on.

• Ride a bike without a helmet and do other dangerous things on your bike. I'm GLAD they aren't doing this one!

• Play darts in the basement.


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