How Many Times Will You Smile in Your Lifetime?

UK: 19 Management's 19th Anniversary Party

UK: 19 Management's 19th Anniversary Party

Ah...a smile. One of the simplest ways to make someone, or yourself feel good. They are free and we have an unlimited supply...and now we know just exactly how many unlimited is!

According to a recent study - U.S. Adults smile on average of 11 times per day. Over an average lifetime, that translates to roughly 243,300 smiles. Not bad. But I think you can do better!! Remember, they are free!

And on the other side of the equation - we frown about 7 times per day - which brings our lifetime frowns to over 150,000. Now that you know this...I think we can do better, right?

Here's the study of actual scientific smile information

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