TIP: Keep Your Bananas Longer!

In my house when we buy bananas, they are either gone immediately or stick around a little too long. So how can we make them last if the family decides not to eat them right away?

× Buy green bananas. The easiest way to prolong their shelf life.

× Hang your bananas. Ethylene gas is released through banana stems when picked. Hanging them slows down the gas.

× Wrap banana stems in plastic wrap. This will also slow the gas released through banana stems.

× Freeze your bananas. This is a good way to preserve for future use.

× Place ripe bananas in the fridge. The cool temperatures will keep them from ripening further (for a few days at least).

× Buy a banana keeper. This will protect your bananas from bruising, which causes squishy parts and speeds up ripening.

And if your bananas do start going brown and mushy, remember that's a perfect time to make banana bread!

(TasteofHome)Photo: Getty/Firdausiah Mamat

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