Tips to Help Break Your Snacking Cycle

There’s nothing wrong with reaching for a snack or two throughout the day, but quarantine and working from home has us reaching for them all the time!

Here are 4 tips from nutrition pros to help us break the snacking cycle:

  1. Eat protein & fiber with every meal to keep you feeling full. Try adding lean meat, nuts and fish, and high-fiber foods like whole grains, vegetables and seeds.
  2. Use a food diary app to track how much you’re really eating. Apps like these can help us find patterns in our snacking, like eating more when we’re sad or feeling stressed.
  3. Get enough sleep to avoid throwing off your body’s natural hunger cues.
  4. Make healthy choice so your snacks are both nutritious and tasty! Instead of sugary drinks and baked goods, try fruit and yogurt, a handful of nuts, a banana and nut butter, or carrots and hummus.

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