Act of Kindness Sparks More!


A 7-Eleven owner who caught a teen stealing snacks but didn’t call the cops on him, and instead sent him home with even more food. It happened in Toledo, Ohio and Cedric Bishop was in the store that day and witnessed the act of kindness. A few days later, he saw another example of a hungry kid in the neighborhood and after those two events, Bishop says he felt inspired to help feed hungry kids in his community.

He bought some hot dogs, chips, and waters and set up his grill outside that 7-Eleven. The first day, he fed 200 kids! Word of his good deed got out and people started donating to his cause. Bishop and the 7-Eleven’s owner, Jay Singh, are now working together to make sure kids in their community don’t go hungry. He says he’s “blessed to be able to do this” and his goal is to be able to feed children every day this summer.


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