Man attacks a huge hornets nest with a drone

These are some pissed off hornets. They attack the camera thinking it's the enemy.

Our kids noticed this big hornets nest while riding their four wheelers. Having four hives of honeybees very near, I decided to do some filming. Using my Action Drone AD-1 equipped with the Naza M V2 and GoPro3 Black, we set out to just fly up to and video the reaction, thinking they would swarm the multirotor. I was flying Line of site from a relatively safe distance, which, along with losing GPS signal in close to the building, resulted in impacting the nest. Even then, the hornets did not swarm the drone. The nest was completely repaired less than 24 hours later, my next attack wave is in the planning stages, no stings yet and going to try and keep it that way!



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