Celeste -- all around fantastic kitten, OMG! Petite Celeste breaks all stereotypes of cats as aloof and not wanting human attention. Cute white tip on tail and so pretty. But best of all: her personality. She craves human affection. Head bumps galore. Born 4-25-2018Celeste is mostly-white with tabby patches on back, tabby tail, tabby "M" on her forehead, and a little tabby "cap."Email petadoptions@sheetspetclinic.com for application. Or you can find a printable application at www.sheetspetclinic.com under the Adoptions tab.Photos of Celeste attached.

Celeste on Petfinder: https://www.petfinder.com/cat/celeste-43179366/nc/greensboro/sheets-pet-clinic-nc661/

Why adopt from Sheets Pet Clinic: 

Our adoption fee is $100 for cats and kittens, $150 for two cats adopted at the same time. That fee includes

~spay or neuter

~microchipping (we register the chip for you)

~testing for FeLV (Feline Leukemia) and/or FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and /or heartworms

~current, age-appropriate vaccinations (!)

~FeLV vaccinations for kittens (!)

~Dental cleanings and extractions, if necessary, before adoption

~Diagnostic bloodwork, if necessary, before adoption

~An “exit exam” from one of ourveterinarians before going home.~BONUS! Half-price vaccines and discounted wellness exams for the life of your pet!

~FREE one-month Trupanion Pet insurance on adoption. ~NO RISK! Adoption fee is refundable for two weeks to make sure you've found a match for your household. Even after two-week period, we'll take the adopted cat back for any reason.

Just FYI, a video about why to adopt from Sheets Pet Clinic: https://animoto.com/play/yWLCJadrHK0KWFgxx1H7bg

One of my volunteers (bless her heart) wrote:

"If you're wondering whether or not the $100 adoption fee is worth it when compared to the ridiculously low promotional prices at the shelter, all I can say is: Absolutely!! The level of care and dedication given to every cat in the program is worth every cent and more. They really get to know the cats' unique personalities and work to match them with a home that's the best fit, so you can feel confident that the cat you bring home is the right one for you. Plus, you can trust that the cats are thoroughly screened and treated for any health problems before being sent home. And they provide adopted cats with discounted vaccinations at their yearly wellness visits!

Even after you've taken your cat home, you always have dedicated, kind people to turn to with any questions or concerns you may have. They really care about these cats for life, not just until adoption day!"


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