Washout Friday On the Way; Cold, Wet, & Breezy


GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Friday's not going to be pretty. Lots of rain, chilly temperatures, and some gusty winds will be here. The good news is that it will only be one day, with things calming down for the actual weekend. Part of this system will be remnant moisture from Hurricane Willa in the Pacific.

Here's the setup. The real system we're watching is in the Gulf of Mexico. It's made up of low pressure, and some extra moisture courtesy of the remnants from Hurricane Willa in the Pacific. This heads up the East Coast on Friday, bringing us a large area of rain that will start in the morning and last until evening. We're likely to pick up between 1 to 2 inches of rain during the day. It will also be cold and breezy. Temperatures hovering in the 40s, with winds gusting between 20-30 mph at times.

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