Photo Of Police Officer Breastfeeding Malnourished Baby Goes Viral

A police officer in Argentina performed a "gesture of love" after she heard a crying baby that needed to be fed. Officer Celeste Ayala breastfed the malnourished infant, a moment that was captured in a photo and went viral on social media.

Ayala was working her shift Tuesday at Sor MarĂ­a Ludovica in Buenos Aires when the 6-month-old baby was brought in along with five of her siblings by social workers to the hospital, according to Argentine news outlet Clarin. The children were all malnourished and the little girl's cries prompted Ayala, a mother of a newborn herself, to do something.

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I want to make public this great gesture of love that you had today with that baby, who without knowing you did not doubt and for a moment you fulfilled how if you were his mother, you did not care about THE MUM AND THE SMELL as the professional gentlemen of the hospital manifested. Things like that are not seen every day. Today, August 14th, the day of the police woman, you spent time with " Cele Ayala " police officer CP de Berisso.


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