Chandler is a very friendly little guy who is confident and seems to love everyone right away. He adores attention and thinks being snuggled in your lap is the best thing EVER!He jumps up onto your lap as soon as you invite him to, and proceeds to give you lots of thank you kisses as he rolls on his back for yummy tummy rubs. This is one super sweet little dude! Typical for Chinese Cresteds, he will thrive in a home in which he can get a lot of people time since he was bred to be your dearest companion.Chandler is good on the leash and does enjoy going for walks. He may be a little dog, but he would be happy to accompany you on any adventure you have in mind.He has a ton of youthful energy and really would love a securely fenced yard to zoom around in and at least one long walk every day. Here at the shelter, he enjoys playing chase with doggie friends. He is fast!!He is a quiet boy in his room, just curls up and sleeps if it is not time to come out and play or potty. He is also quiet in the car, a good passenger.Even though he loves to run around and go for long walks, he also settles nicely inside when you are doing quiet things such as working on the computer or watching TV.He is not used to toys yet and, though he is a confident pup, might try to hide behind a person when he encounters a squeaky toy. We are betting he will probably be playful with soft toys in his new home once he gets used to the concept. Or, he could just stay focused on people as his great pleasure in life.Chandler is fine with other dogs and loves to run and play chase with them. He is friendly to unfamiliar nice dogs. He would be fine boarding at a doggie day care setting, etc. when you are out of town.However, he would definitely be happiest as an only dog in his new home just because he loves, loves, loves to be the focus of your attention and to adore you with his whole heart. He is good with sharing space with casual doggie friends but wants to have the people in his home all to himself.He does get a little jealous (whines his unhappiness and pushes in to be the center of attention) when your focus is on the other dog instead of him. We think he was just used to being an only beloved pup and wants to continue that luxurious lifestyle. 

Loving Pet Inn

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