Winston-Salem Officer Points Gun at Driver At Bowman Gray Stadium

Getty Images

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (WFMY) - A Winston-Salem police officer pointed his gun at a race car driver at Bowman Gray Stadium over the weekend after some perceived reckless driving during a race put officers and others on the track in serious danger.

Saturday night, several off-duty officers with Winston-Salem police responded to the track to help drivers after a wreck, which is protocol during a caution period. Officers were helping one of the drivers involved, Blake Walker, out of his car when another driver intentionally rammed the disabled car, causing it to hit Walker.

That driver then spun his car around 'in a reckless manner' and put the officers, Walker and race personnel in his path according to a release from police. Officer C.K. Robertson perceived the driving as a deadly threat and drew his weapon, pointing it at the driver's car. The driver, who was unnamed in the release, then stopped immediately.

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