2nd Annual Memorial Motorcycle Ride & Auction

Annual Memorial Motorcycle Ride & Auction to Benefit maCares in Supporting Service Dogs Helping Veterans & Others

North Carolina-based nonprofit to benefit from memorial motorcycle ride and auction to raise money to help with the continual care costs of service dogs helping veterans and other people.

On Saturday, July 28, 2018, the 2nd Annual Memorial Motorcycle Ride & Auction will be hosted at the American Legion Post 290 in King, NC to honor the memory of Charles “Shellshock” Ladd. Proceeds from the Memorial Ride & Auction will benefit the maCares & faith Cares Service Dog Support Programs. The event will include onsite registration, limited edition event t-shirt, escorted ride, lunch, silent & live auction, and more!

Staff Sergeant Ladd served in the U.S. Army for 8 years, completing 2 combat tours in Iraq and 4 combat tours in Afghanistan. He was a Purple Heart recipient and received many other medals during his tenure in the military. Known to the maCares family as ‘Chuck’, he and his service dog, NIKKI, were one of the first maCares-sponsored teams. Sadly, Chuck passed away on February 7, 2016.

The maCares & faith Cares Service Dog Support Programs relieve the financial burden of the service dog so the person can focus on living a full and productive life with their service dog. The covered expenses can include re-certification training, veterinary care, vaccinations, medications, grooming, daily care including food, and more.

Some of the ways the service dogs in the maCares & faith Cares Service Dog Support Programs help their companions to more actively participate in life are by promoting independence, diffusing or preventing neurological meltdowns, herding when fleeing during an anxious situation for an Autistic child, providing a sense of safety, promoting balance and stability, retrieving dropped items, diverting attention during flashbacks, helping to cope with migraines, dizziness, anxiety, stress, nightmares, alerting to oncoming seizures, epileptic episodes, or changes in blood sugar, and simply by being a dependable, loyal, loving, and faithful friend.

Tyler Hill, a friend of “Shellshock” shared “we are excited to host this charity event in remembrance of our late Brother Charles “Shellshock” Ladd. We look forward to supporting the maCares nonprofit organization through the proceeds from this event. We encourage members of the community who are able to attend the event and enjoy the many planned activities, with or without a motorcycle. Spread the word and help make this a safe, fun and successful event! ”

If you wish to contribute to the charity, but are not able to attend the event, you can make a tax deductible monetary donation through www.maCares.org or other means of support by contacting weCare@maCares.org.

To learn more about maCares’ events and fundraising opportunities or to make a tax deductible monetary donation, please visit www.maCares.org.


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