Gabby lived a wonderful life as a beloved only pet for her entire 11 years and it shows. She is wonderfully well adjusted and happy, a tiny charm of a pup (a petite 10-11 pounds) who seems to love everyone. Her elderly owner could no longer take care of her so had to surrender Gabby.She seems to be a purebred Rat Terrier and is still a spunky little thing! Rat Terriers are known to live long lives, sometimes up to 17 years or more, and this pretty pup acts like she has lots of spring left in her step.Gabby is already well trained and ready to roll. She sits on command, comes when she is called, sits at the door to leash up, walks beautifully on the leash, and potties outside quickly to make it easy on you. She is probably already housetrained but does prefer a potty schedule appropriate for a senior lady so should not be made to hold it for long periods during the day in her new home.Miss Gabby is a love bug! She is very sociable, and super loving and affectionate. She absolutely adores people and attention. She is happy to be picked up, happy to be held in your arms, and extra happy to have some quality lap time and snuggles. She is quite cuddly. She also loves tummy rubs and rolls over easily to ask for a tummy rubs from new people friends. This charming pup has the lovely confidence that comes from always having lived in a nice home. She is portable and would be a fun dog to take to dog friendly places since she loves to meet new people. She has been quiet so far.Gabby has been good with the other little dogs here, mingling just fine and going out to potty with the group. She does not play with them since she prefers people company.She really loves her people and bonds thoroughly and quickly. She is used to being an only dog and really adores being attentive and connected with her family, the center of your attention, and not just one in a pack of dogs. This is an obedient dog who makes fabulous eye contact with you, and just wants to be your world, as you are hers. She will be happiest in a one dog, multi person household, but will also be content in a single person home, as long as she gets enough attention.Gabby does get along very well with all the other little house dogs here, going out to potty with everyone and hanging out in the yard with them. She may be okay adapting to a two dog household, you will just need to make sure everyone gets equal attention so there is no jealousy.This well mannered pup is sure to warm your heart and bring lots of love into your home. If you are looking for an easy care snuggle bunny and have time for a dog that enjoys lots of attention, please come meet this charming senior. She has some pretty grey in her face, but she sure does not feel that she would qualify for the senior discount!Gabby came to us already spayed. She will have a dental cleaning April 9 and be ready to go home with you! Adoption donation $100.

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