99.5 WMAG's Lora Songster's Secret Health Battle

Lora talked about her battle with Lyme Disease on the air this morning (5/15/2018). In case you missed it or want to hear it again, below is the audio on her "Songster Speaks" podcast. 


See the video on the WXII Website

Lora Songster's voice is instantly recognizable. She has been brightening the mornings of her listeners on WMAG Radio for 30 years.

But for the last 10 months, Songster has been feeling really sick.

She was fatigued and felt like she had the flu. Her eyes were glassy, and she was depressed and anxious.

A battery of tests determined Songster had Lyme disease.

Songster was shocked, and doesn't remember being bitten from ticks.

Most patients, who are diagnosed early, respond well to antibiotics, but they didn't work for Songster.

Her physician, Dr. Bruce Lantelme with Robinhood Integrative Health said for some, like Songster, the disease becomes chronic because it isn't caught early and it invades the body.

Lantelme has prescribed Songster several rounds of antibiotics, along with other medicines and supplements designed to kill the Lyme and build her immune system back up.

Songster takes about 60 pills a day.

She knows she has a long road ahead and won't give up hope that one day she'll feel normal again.


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