Beards for Boobs - Breast Cancer Awareness

1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Many women do not have access to life saving mammograms - we can help those in our community that have a need. 

In December 2017, our booker/band mom Sandra Olivey Flowers went for her annual mammogram and was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has since had surgery and is currently undergoing chemotherapy to help prevent future cancer reoccurance. 

Sandra is fighting this - she has great insurance and is receiving the best care. Not everyone is that fortunate and we want to do something to bring help bring awareness to the importance of early detection as well as assist those that financially do not have access to care. By joining together with our music family we can make a difference in the health of women (and men) in our community.

Thanks to Reckless Abandon; Desired Redemption and Heaven Forbid for being a part of this event. In addition to amazing bands, we will have vendors on site as well as fun events to raise awareness and raffle prizes!!All proceeds will go to Cone Health Mammogram Scholarship Program.


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