VIDEO: Watch Pharmacist, 75, Tackle Suspected Cough-Syrup Thief


A 21-year-old masked man attempted to steal cough syrup and ended up being tackled by a 75-year-old Pharmacist and 'dog-piled' by customers Saturday, according to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

Pharmacist Don Zimmerman was first alerted about it by co-workers, and he did not hesitate, tackling the masked man to the ground.

"He's trying to gouge my eyes, but I don't feel it cause I got a case of adrenaline," Zimmerman explained. "Pretty soon I said, 'is there any men out in the store?' Well, three guys come back and believe it or not they are almost my age. So, we got the geriatric group going up against this young guy." 

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