Kingdom Building Music Workshop 2018


Special guest

2 days of great encouragement for new & existing church musicians and choir members.

Their will be a panel of 10 musicians & Vocalist

Saturday 9am

Youth, millennials and adults that sing in the choir or just love singing Gospel music are invited. We will have two spreate session up stairs and down stairs on

Saturday 9am

Calling all musicians, new and existing come out and gain more information that may help you grow spiritually as a musician of Gospel music.

7PM Friday musician instruments are selected do to space


We will have an fellowship concert displaying our experience outside in the parkinglot

Registration is $5is text 504-405-7478 adults & youth T-shirts order email

Special price on larges and below

Your Gift Will Make Room

Somebody say Overflow

Door Prizes and family fun, food and Live Music



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