Happy Birthday Josh Groban! Here is a video of him singing tv themes, what a talent!


Impossible Question: Doing this in the middle of the day can boost your energy by about 30 percent. What is it?

 ANSWER: Brushing your teeth!

      Michael Jackson on The Dating Game with Jim Lange

A legendary television personality has passed.

Jim Lange, the first host of the popular game show, "The Dating Game," has died at his home in Mill Valley, California. He was 81.

Lange's wife confirmed to the Associated Press that her husband passed away Tuesday morning after suffering a heart attack.

Though Lange had a successful career in radio, he is best known for his television role on ABC's "The Dating Game," which debuted in 1965 and on which he appeared for more than a decade, charming audiences with his mellifluous voice, his sense of humor and his wide, easygoing grin.

He also played host to many celebrity guests. Farrah FawcettMichael Jackson, Steve Martin and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others, appeared as contestants.

New Words With Friends:Kith

acquaintances, friends, neighbors, or the like; persons living in the  same general locality and forming a more or less cohesivegroup.