Federal officials announced a new campaign, U Drive, U Text, U Pay.The $8.5 million campaign hits television, radio, and social media nationwide today. Police officers will also crack down on texting while driving on the road.More than 3,000 people died in distracted driving crashes in 2012 and 421,000 were hurt
“Using these devices while you're driving takes your eye off the ball and creates risk not only for yourself, but other people,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.
Officials say 78 percent of young people -- and nearly half of everyone under age 35 -- send or read texts while driving.

The Impossible Question: Bartenders get more of this than people in other professions:

Answer: Sleep

New Words WIth Friends: Putrid

decayed with usually a very bad or disgusting smell


very ugly, bad, or unpleasant

morally corrupt