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Um...NO. When my daughter tells me the happy news that she is expecting, no way, no how am I going to be thinking, "what can I get out of this?".

Are you kidding? This is the new trend: Grandma showers. Read on...

Traditionally, a woman's first pregnancy is celebrated with a baby shower. Well, the times are a-changing. Sure, there are still baby showers for first-time moms, but believe it or not, "grandma showers" have been gaining popularity, especially when grandma has agreed to be nanny and babysitter for her working daughter.

The grandma shower came about because more and more Baby Boomers began taking on the role of childcare provider to their grandchildren, and moms-to-be were registering for doubles (and in some cases, triples) of the baby shower must-haves like car seats, strollers and high chairs (so her parents could have a set). Now, at a separate grandma shower, friends get together and gift her with the essentials for taking care of her new grandbaby on the way. (Shine)