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Lizz Ryals

This Could Change Your Day!

This Could Change Your Day!
Posted June 19th, 2013 @ 10:36am

What make YOU feel good? I'm FINALLY getting my hair done today and I feel sooooo good when I come out of the salon. Honestly, a compliment from a stranger ALMOST means more than from someone who loves you...they have to say nice things (don't they?) and a stranger doesn't!



- A compliment from a friend or partner

- Having perfectly styled hair or a new cut or colour

- Looking good in a photograph

- Having silky smooth legs

- A good night’s sleep

- Having a cuddle

- Being told ‘I love you’

- Returning from a holiday with a tan

- A smile from a stranger

- New underwear

- Being told you look young

- Being asked where you bought something

- Being immaculately dressed

- A child says you are pretty

- Waking up spot-free

- Wearing an outfit that shows off your favourite part of your

- Getting your eyebrows plucked

- Being asked out on a date

- A fresh manicure

- A full face of make-up


Make someone's day...treat a loved one to one of these things or pay a compliment to a never know what it could mean!

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