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They had 80k dollar goodie bags and envelopes that cost $200 a piece so why NOT throw a super huge, super expensive after party. Here are the deets from last night's Governer's Ball.

Wolfgang Puck and his staff prepared Oscar-shaped flatbreads, chicken pot pie with shaved black truffles, mini American Wagyu burgers, chocolate-dipped strawberry cheesecake pops and chunky chocolate popcorn.

It took 2,180 man hours, 950 staffers and 350 chefs to create the dinner.

Guests went through:

2,400 bottles of wine

6,500 Oscar-shaped flatbreads

1,300 farmed oysters

5 kilos of caviar

600 Maine lobsters

2,000 chocolate truffles

1,200 cupcakes

5,000 mini chocolate Oscars

1,250 stone crab claws

5 pounds of chocolate popcorn

10 pounds of black truffles

10 pounds of edible gold dust

1,000 homemade marshmallows

1,000 mini Oscars

1,350 bottles of champagne

2,400 bottles of wine

4,500 bamboo skewers