A British survey of adults found that being able to master Google is the most important life skill one can have these days. The least important? Darning -- which is apparently a sewing technique. Something I learned by Googling it! And I guess it makes sense, because you can find out how to do just about anything online if you know how to search for it.


  1. Googling
  2. Using a mobile phone
  3. Hooking up WiFi
  4. Online banking
  5. Cooking
  6. Turning off the water at the mains
  7. Knowing which recycling bins to use
  8. Knowing about privacy settings online
  9. Using a calculator
  10. Using a self-service checkout
  11. Searching and applying for jobs online
  12. Using Google maps
  13. Installing computer programs
  14. Using a GPS
  15. Touch-typing
  16. Re-heating food in the microwave
  17. Checking in for flights online
  18. Uploading photos
  19. Using Facebook
  20. Changing settings on the thermostat
  21. Booking cheap flights
  22. Using a tablet
  23. Using a USB charger
  24. Understanding public transportation
  25. Using discount/daily deal websites
  26. Setting up a wireless printer
  27. Downloading music
  28. Using HDTV
  29. Ordering at fast food restaurants
  30. Having an Amazon account
  31. Knowing how to use an SD card
  32. Setting up cable TV
  33. Shopping on auction websites
  34. Series linking television shows
  35. Knowing how to use social media
  36. Using Bluetooth
  37. Changing the clock on your oven
  38. Using Skype
  39. Using hands-free devices in the car
  40. Working a Smart TV
  41. Book movie tickets online
  42. Syncing iTunes
  43. Using Twitter
  44. Transferring money on your phone
  45. Connecting the laptop to the TV
  46. How to set up an out-of-office email response
  47. Using YouTube
  48. Downloading movies/torrents
  49. Paying for parking on your phone
  50. Finding the best prices by scanning barcodes on your phone