Get these: I hear these apps are pretty close to just as addictive.

Ironpants is free on both iOS and Android, and replaces the bird with a caped superhero.

Clumsy Bird on Android takes Flappy Bird and, well, basically changes the bird to look like a cruder version of red bird from Angry Birds.

Flappy Bird Flyer on iOS is one of the Flappy Bird alternatives, but swoops low enough to charge $0.99 for pack of three lives.

Flappy Wings on Android does its best to attract those searching for Flappy Bird by even mentioning it in its own title.

Fluffy vs Flappy Birds on iOS is another of the most unashamed clones right now, and features an extensive suite of in-app purchases: ranging from 10,000 coins for $0.99, removing ads for $1.99, or unlocking the "Ruller [sic] of the skies" for $4.99.

Flappy Bee, which is out on both iOS and Android, gives you the chance to play the exact same game but with a bee.

 Photo Credit: Getty IMages