Kissing. Nice eh? It can be very nice but then again, admit it, have you ever had someone come at you for a kiss and you just don't! Yep, me too.

I went out with this guy ONCE that came in for a kiss at the end of the night and I thought my grandma was coming at me...lips all dry and pursed up. Not sexy at all. I turned my cheek to him and we were pretty much done. It wasn't gross, just...not into it, ya know?

If you are getting ready to go in for the kiss with a new person or you do ANY of these things, stop immediately!!!

Ways NOT To Kiss from

Whatever you do, DO NOT…

    1 … have bad breath or unclean teeth — it’s the equivalent of
  hooking up in underwear with skid marks.

    2 … lick your lips before going in — this is not dinner.

    3 … drown your lips in gloss or lipstick.

  4 … tongue jab.

    5 … have chapped lips.

    6 … aim for their uvula with your tongue.

  7 … slobber all over your partner’s face — spit is cold and nasty
  when it gets outside your mouth. GROSSS!!!!!

    8 … make your tongue hard and pointy.

    9 … start trying to get to first, second or even third base as the kissing

  10 … immediately ram your tongue inside.

    11 … open your mouth as wide as possible, like you’re attempting to
  eat the other person’s head.

   12 … run your tongue along their gums.

  13 … sneak up on someone so they don’t have a chance to deflect the
  incoming kiss.

  14 … hold their head in a headlock or press too hard, especially if beard
  stubble is involved.

  15 … withhold tongue altogether.

  16 … conduct the oral equivalent of a limp handshake — it’ll
  make your partner feel like they’re kissing a dead fish.

  17 … look around or over your partner’s shoulder during the kiss.
  (Some people like to kiss with their eyes open, but we recommend keeping your
  peepers shuttered during a first or early kiss, as wide eyes can freak some
  people out.)

  18 … kiss with gum or food in your mouth.