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BEST invention from every state!

BEST invention from every state!

Yes, we have the coolest, although I don't know you could say the Wright Brothers 'invented' flying (I know a family of pterodactyls who would back me up), they were certainly the first humans to fly!

Alabama:  Windshield wipers     Alaska:  Kayaks     Arizona:  Tasers

Arkansas:  The modern toothbrush     California:  The fortune cookie  (At least that's where they were popularized)

Colorado:  The Barbie Doll     Connecticut:  The Wiffle Ball    Delaware:  Kevlar

Florida:  Sun tan lotion     Georgia:  Anesthesia   Hawaii:  Surfing, of course

Idaho:  The television     Illinois:  The mouse trap     Indiana:  The refrigerator

Iowa:  Sliced bread     Kansas:  The slurpee     Kentucky:  Chewing gum

Louisiana:  The microscope     Maine:  The microwave    Maryland:  The bottle cap

Massachusetts:  Basketball     Michigan:  The stop sign    Minnesota:  The stapler

Mississippi:  Anti-fungal cream   Missouri: The vacuum cleaner   Montana:  Heart monitors

Nebraska:  Kool-Aid    Nevada:  Solar panels   New Hampshire:  The Segway

New Jersey:  The phonograph    New Mexico:The nicotine patch  New York:  The credit card.

North Carolina:  Flight.  Although the Wright Brothers BUILT the plane in Ohio.

North Dakota:  Bubble bath   Ohio:  Wind turbines   Oklahoma:  The shopping cart

Oregon:  The computer mouse    Pennsylvania: The suspension bridge

Rhode Island:  The diner  South Carolina:  The submarine   South Dakota:  The cyclotron, which is a particle accelerator

Tennessee:  The tow truck    Texas:  The typewriter   Utah:  The artificial heart

Vermont:  The electric motor   Virginia:  Camouflage    Washington:  Pictionary

West Virginia:  The steamboat    Wisconsin:  The blender    

Wyoming:  The world's first national park, which was Yellowstone in 1872. 

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